Seona E. Ciriaco

In a world where health and sustainability are increasingly becoming focal points, the FAITH (Food Always in the Home) program stands as a beacon of hope and self-reliance at Ubod Barrio School. The school’s FAITH program is an extension of the Gulayan sa Paaralan to the learner’s home. It is a contest on backyard gardening. The program encourages every family at Ubod Barrio School to establish their backyard gardens. It aims to promote sustainable
development through backyard gardening specifically to enhance the gardening skills and other lifelong skills of learners; promote a healthy lifestyle and organic farming; practice organic farming; and strengthen parent and child relationships as they work together at home.

Each participating family must plant different kinds of vegetables with varied vitamins and nutrients continuously, thus, year-round. The gardening process must be done by the different family members. They are asked to document their entries and submit them. Teachers also monitor the program from house to house. The program has helped in the holistic development of the I-Ubod learners. It is manifested in their actions during the planting activities in the “Gulayan sa Paaralan” and the fruit tree growing and planting activity conducted inside the school campus. Aside from gardening skills, learners were also equipped with different lifelong skills like creativity, problem-solving, love for nature, responsibility, self-confidence, discovery, cooperation, and understanding.

These lifelong skills will continue to be developed as they continuously participate in the program. The FAITH program’s initiative to encourage gulayan at home is a step towards healthier living, environmental sustainability, and economic resilience. By cultivating your own vegetable garden, you not only provide fresh, nutritious food for your family but also contribute to a more sustainable and connected community. Embrace the FAITH program and discover the joy and benefits of growing your food.

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