Dalipey-Sinacbat tourism road in Bakun to be built

A wider, better and tourist friendly Dalipey-Sinacbat road is expected to open brighter opportunities for the people of Bakun once the consultations with the affected private landowners are done.
This is the focal point of the messages of Board Member Robert Namoro, chairman of the committee on Tourism, Culture and Art, and Andy Calwag from the office of Congressman Ronald Cosalan during the opening program of the fourth Ayosip Festival in Sinacbat, Bakun, Benguet last March 31, 2017.
The said project is a joint effort of the Provincial Tourism and DPWH-Benguet to construct a 5-meter wide (plus gutter) Dalipey-Sinacbat tourism road in Bakun.
However, this plan is not yet final until consultations with affected private landowners along the existing Dalipey-Sinacbat provincial and barangay road is finished. The purpose of the consultations is to inform to these landowners about the project and its advantages, the laws and to get their side if they will accept the improvement or not.
This said tourism road aims to improve the existing narrow road that started at Liwang Junction to Luponan Sinacbat which is believed to be the most convenient route of tourists going to Mt. Tenglawan. Once this road is finished, it will invite more tourists who would like to go to the top of the mountain to view, see ayosip plants and see other views around and along the length of the road.
The two officials also mentioned the construction of a view deck in a most suited point in Sicgatan Dalipey for anyone, most especially tourists, to see the beautiful view of different places and mountains like Cervantes, Mankayan, Abatan and Ampusongan.
They also urged the public to support their barangay leaders in looking for ways to cultivate and sustain their unique wild fruits called Ayosip (blue berries) growing near their place because this can also invite tourists. Antonio B. Lantaen / ABN


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