Domogan, Magalong lead in local poll survey

Incumbent Mayor Mauricio Domogan and retired Philippine National Police (PNP) Director Benjamin Magalong lead in the latest election-related poll for the congressional and mayoralty
race in Baguio.
In the congressional race, Domogan took the lead with 53.40 percent, followed by incumbent Baguio representative Marquez Go with 32.28 percent.
Running third is former Mayor Peter Rey Bautista with 7.52 percent; former representative Nicasio Aliping with 5.83percent; and Rafael Wasan with 0.97 percent.
In the mayoralty race, retired PNP Director Magalong took the lead with 35.19 percent; lawyer Edgar Avila with 27.18 percent; Leandro Yangot with 11.41 percent; incumbent Vice Mayor Edison Bilog with 10.44 percent; lawyer Jose Molintas with 9.71 percent; and and Tony Boy Tabora with 3.88 percent.
Of those who took the poll, 52.43 percent were male and 47.57 were female; 95.39 percent of these are registered voters and 4.61 are not.
According to this survey, 25.49 percent of those who took the poll are Ilocanos; 17.96 percent are Kankanaey; 16.5 percent are of mixed ethnicity; 8.25 percent are Ibaloy; 7.53 percent are Tagalog; 7.04 percent are Bontoc; 5.83 percent are Pangasinense; 3.16 percent are Ifugao; 1.94 percent are Bicolano; 1.46 percent are Kapampangan; 1.21 percent are Kalinga; and the rest are from Mindanao.
As to age bracket, 17.72 percent are between 31 to 35 years old; 17.23 percent between 26 to 30; 16.99 percent are between 36 to 40; 19.95 percent between 21 to 25; 9.47 percent between 41 to 45; 7.04 percent between 51 to 55; 5.58 percent between 46 to 50; 5.10 percent between 56 to 60 4.85 percent are aged 66 and above; 3.64 percent between 61 to 65; and 2.43 percent are between 18 to 20 years old.
As to religious affiliation, 63.59 percent are Roman Catholic; 14.32 percent are Protestant; 14.37 percent are Baptist; 1.94 percent are Iglesia ni Kristo; 1.46 percent are Seventh Day Adventist; 1.2 percent are Islam; 0.24 percent are Methodist; and the rest are of other religion or denomination.
As to educational attainment, 58.25 percent are college graduates; 15.29 percent finished their masters and/or doctorate degrees; 13.35 percent took postgraduate courses; 7.28 percent are high school graduates; 2.43 percent finished technical or vocational courses; 0.97 percent finished elementary school; and 2.43 percent finished other courses.
Ferdinand John Balanag

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