After a long respite due to COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantine Agritourism in Tuba, Benguet is
again gaining ground, as local tourist are visiting thou in trickles organisers and Agri eco-farm owners are positively looking forward. This as pioneer La Diyang tourism Haven Agri-tourism farm again hosted this year’s event with a circuit trekking event among Agri-tourism farm member in the
municipality of Tuba, Benguet which has seen a growing membership of around two dozen from a pioneering farmers group of 5 last agricultural tourism farm in 2017.

The 2023 Agri-tourism trek also coincided with the hosting of the “Kiniing” Festival, a tribal age old
practice of meat preserving via salting and smoking of meats for long haul storing in the past when refrigeration wasn’t invented. The participants after trekking and visiting circuit Agri-tourism farms were treated to gusto tory lunch freshly harvested farm produce and “Kiniing” smoked meats,lunch of pig, rabbit, chicken and duck with a medly of freshly harvested and cooked farm produce sourced right in their backyard farms.

The Galwan Binanga farm is a refreshing scene of a sustainable Eco-farm tourism place replete with various vegetables, flora and breath taking forest and mountain scenery as the afternoon fog and cool weather greeted visitors. The Agri-tourism trekking and Farm visit event was also participated by delegates from Besao Mt. Province, Itogon, Benguet who wanted to replicate what the municipality of Tuba started in regards to Agriculture and Eco-tourism. The afternoon activities in
La Diyang Haven set among natural limestone rock formations and wonder wild flora was highlighted with inter active sharing of experiences among participants with a sumptuous early afternoon snacks of sweet potatoes, yams, Kiniing and mushroom empanada, brewed coffee, fermented red rice, Surely a wonderful trekking and interaction among the participants.

Dave Leprozo

Amianan Balita Ngayon