Venilyn S. Patras

Poyopoy Elementary School held a major fire drill and fire drill orientation on April 2, 2024, highlighting the significance of being ready and taking precautions in case of crises. It was led by the BFP officers, sir Ian Sunduan (Sub Station Commander) and sir Marvin Dumaliw (Fire Officer I). The proactive safety measures taken by the school are in line with larger initiatives to guarantee the wellbeing of both employees and children. An essential safety practice, the fire drill was designed to acquaint staff and children with emergency protocols and evacuation techniques.

These kinds of exercises are essential for improving preparedness and response for possible fire situations. By being familiar with these protocols, people may respond quickly and efficiently in actual emergency circumstances,
reducing risks and guaranteeing a secure evacuation process. Furthermore, crucial information on fire safety, civilian reaction in the event of a fire, and first aid procedures were imparted at the fire drill orientation that day. These
training programs give participants the knowledge and abilities they need to respond appropriately to fire-related situations.

The orientation helps make schools safer by increasing awareness and transferring useful knowledge, which also equips people to react effectively in emergency situations. The school community’s shared commitment to emphasizing safety and readiness is evident in the cooperative efforts of the administration, teachers, and students in planning and carrying out these safety programs. Poyopoy Elementary School aggressively promotes a culture of safety consciousness and proactive risk management by actively participating in such drills and orientations, ensuring a secure learning environment for everyone.

To sum up, Poyopoy Elementary School’s fire drill and orientation demonstrated the school’s commitment to disaster preparedness and safety. These programs improve the school’s general safety procedures while also imparting important knowledge and skills that are necessary for protecting people and property in the event of unanticipated catastrophes.

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