A former congressman and now the legal counsel of a group who calls themselves TEAM Z said they will wait for the National Bureau of Investigation – Cordillera to provide them with copies of the complaint filed against his clients. “We are waiting for the NBI to provide us with a copy of the complaints filed, until then we cannot respond,” said lawyer Nicasio Aliping, Jr. Saturday in a phone interview.

Aliping said that they have gone to the NBI office after last week after the complaint against his client surfaced on social and broadcast media and asked for a copy. Aliping in a phone interview insisted on the innocence of his clients who apparently have failed to deliver the promised five percent monthly interest on the money lent by the lenders purportedly meant for casino financing operations.

Some 80 complainants went to the NBI Cordillera to file their complaint alleging that “Team Z” leaders Hector Aldwin Liao Pantollana, his brother Hubert Amiel, brothers Hazen and Hein Carreon Humilde, Mikaela Damasco Ty-Choi and Virginio Casupanan of carting away cash from lenders totaling to a billion. Team Z was able to give the monthly payouts initially but has stopped for a period now as the hundreds of millions of collections from investors here were pocketed and did not get into casino financing, complainants alleged. Atty.

Aliping however assures the public saying: “Yes, there are allegations against our clients, but in due time we’ll answer those allegations. We would like to assure the public that we will abide by the process and in the same manner our clients enjoy the presumption of innocence. In the meantime, let us assure the public that let us not jump to conclusions about whether there was this illegal thing or not.

The fact remains that our clients will follow the rule of law. And again, to repeat, our clients enjoy the presumption of innocence.” Aliping further said: “To the people who believe our clients, keep believing until and when such time that there is particular judgment. That’s why let us not prejudge whatever complaint they’ll file or lodge against our clients.” Pigeon Lobien

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