ATOK, Benguet

Atok is experienced a drop in temperature early morning Friday, prompting a few of the highland vegetation in the area, including vegetables, to suffer from frost. Local farmer PJ Haight in barangay Paoay, Atok said, he recorded an 8 degree Celcius drop Friday morning while sharing photos and videos of vegetables and other plants affected by “andap” (frost) on Friday morning.

He though claimed that the incident is not new since this is a normal occurrence that farmers are able to manage now to avoid the darn effects of frost. With the start of the “andap” season in Benguet, he said that they are expecting a heavier occurrence of frost towards the month of February with the dropping of temperature.

He together with northern Benguet farmers appeal though not to use the “andap” occurrences to justify price hikes in highland vegetables in the market retail. Frost bite has not had any debilitating effect on vegetable farms in Northern Benguet While Baguio City’s temperature has also dropped to
a low of 12.9 degrees and 12.1 degrees in Baguio City.

Artemio A. Dumlao/ABN

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