Hingyon National High School Educators

“Hingyon National High School Educators: Bouncing Back and Standing Firm Amidst the Trials and Tribulations of the Education in the New Normal.”
Year 2020 did not start right for us. It was in January when Filipinos and the whole world grieved for the loss of a basketball icon, Kobe Bryant, followed by the devastating and disrupting eruption of Taal Volcano then the outbreak of COVID-19.
To say that 2020 is a tough year is a mere understatement, 2020 is extremely tough. Events this year are highly depressing and agonizing.
Though difficult and challenging it may seem, the Department of Education cannot and will never abandon its more than 23 million Filipino learners, believing that a delay of one year or even 6 months can create a setback to the pupils and learners ( Briones, 2020), hence, continuing its service to provide quality education through alternative learning modalities particularly modular distance learning.
Pilot testing were done by selected schools prior to its implementation and the results showed that it is feasible –it can be done. But how are the teachers faring so far with the implementation of education in the new normal? How are teachers coping so far with the stress, pressure and tribulations of the modular distance learning? Teachers of Hingyon National High School are not spared with the problems, hustles and obstacles brought by the distance learning via self-learning modules.
The proximity of the feeder barangays from the school, the dangerous treks going to different sitios, the weather, even the fluctuating communication signals are just some of these problems faced by the teachers. The availability of the learning modules from the Central Office and the availability of printing materials like photocopying machines were the first setback of the rollout of the modular learning delivery.
Teachers were hustled reviewing the modules before the reproduction and likewise challenged in preparing weekly home learning plans that could fit the individuality and learning styles of the learners.
The lack of photocopying machines and printers made it more difficult for them. The educators’ grit, determination and passion were also tested by the distribution of the learning modules to the learners.
Most of the feeder sitio or barangay of the school are not accessible by any means of transportation aside from trekking or walking. For teachers in Tuddani and Balaniw, teacher-coordinators need to drop off by the road and trek mountains to reach out to the learners.
The road to Balawis, Poitan, Tobtobob and cluster-barangays, although accessible to motorcycles, pose greater harm because of the slope of the rode, presence of landslides and falling rocks and muddy road.
The teachers would brave the rain, or the scorching heat of the sun, traverse eroded roads and pass through rocky if not slippery paths just to reach out to the learners of the school.
But being resilient since time immemorial, teachers will always find a way and make a way to make things better regardless of the situation is. As our fighting adage says, “ KAMI NA ANG MAG AADJUST….”
The teachers and administration evaluated the roll-out of the learning delivery and discovered ways to make it more convenient not only to the parents but also to the learners.
The administration of the school, through the MOOE, procured printers for each teacher, making the printing and reproduction more efficient and less-time consuming. There is also a systematic manner of sorting and packing the learning modules which makes work easier. The subject teachers are in charge of the printing and binding modules and bringing it to the advisers.
The advisers will sort the modules per cluster area and are in charge of bringing the learning packets to the cluster coordinators and each cluster has their own sorting area.
Cluster coordinators will then pack the learning packets ready for distribution. The learning packets are brought to the drop off areas every Friday and are distributed on Mondays. More than that, teachers practice the buddy system every time they go out.
By: Daniel W. Tayaban
[email protected]

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