I Love Tublay

I meet people; seen there arts and its beauty, I have tasted there delicacies, understand their Culture and I have been to many places in and out of the Country but I simply wish one more day at the Municipality of Tublay.

Before I go far and appreciate other places I have to visit first what is close to me right? I can say that what I have spent on this wonderful place is worth it.

Spending 500 pesos is a good deal inclusive of fare from Baguio going to tublay, Tour Guide, Water and Food. Isn’t that amazing? I will tell you more as we go along.

To be honest there are so many Tourist destinations in Tublay but I have chosen to go first at Barangay Ambongdolan; Bongdolan means Rainbow and Rainbow means in the Bible is Jesus promise of new beginning.

This place feels like Sagada, why? Because anywhere your eyes reach is a beauty of Christ creation so natural, fresh and real. Tour Guide is a must on this exploration because without it our lives might be at risk.

And amazing how you do not have to spend so much and do not have to go too far to enjoy a round trip exploration.

There are a lot of Rock Formation your imagination will built on this place called Paterno Cave named after one of the Cabinet Member of our former President Emilio Aguinaldo where he hide himself during the world war 2, Thank God he was never captured by the Japanese that time.

Now as we go along I have reach Bengaongao Cave w/c means Echo so when you shout it will yell back on you. But watch out of the hidden creature of the night for it will haunt you for life.

We were like a traveller that time, walking, trekking, hiking and crawling because we have to reach our destination before the sun set.

However, we have to stop at the wonderful and breathtaking Ketong Falls or Blue Lagoon to wash out ourselves and be presentable again before the Garden of Love for the Frog Mountain is very mysterious which you’ll never know if you can pass through the Bridge to Forever so that we can have a cup of Coffee at Rainbow Café and Resto that we may continue our journey going to Mt. Pokgong but we have to go and take a pic first at Balete Tree.

Unfortunately, the Sun had set and until next time Tublay and Thank you to Councilor Dinglee Berto for the best Tour ever.

Come and join us once again soon for there’s too much more to see in the Municipality of Tublay.

This is yours truly, Tita Ara Katter that always reminds you “Ti Panagkaykaysa, Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan.”

Amianan Balita Ngayon