Ifugao police clean planted trees to celebrate 118th Civil Service Month

The Ifugao provincial police office under the leadership of PSSupt David K. Peredo Jr., acting provincial director, joined the provincial government employees in celebrating the 118th Civil Service Month on September 21, 2018.
The Ifugao Provincial Local Government Unit (PLGU) employees conducted weeding or cleaning at Mt. Atugu, Bitu, Hingyon as part of its planned activities for the Civil Service Month.
Mount Atugu is a local tourist attraction which has a potential to attract local and international tourist because of its natural beauty, overlooking various rice terraces of Hingyon, Lagawe, Kiangan and some parts of Banaue.
In the morning, participants started the weeding and cleaning activity, with the PNP personnel cleared the pathway by cutting the grass making an easy access to the rest of the team to locate the trees planted a year ago.
The activity ended about 1pm, some of the trees planted last year died but many thrived.
The team was fulfilled with the result of their action and agreed to regularly do the cleaning and weeding activity. PO1 Gigi W. Magno, PO1 Frinuel L. Lagayan, SPO2 Jordan Q Ngatiyon/PNP Ifugao

Amianan Balita Ngayon