Ilocos Sur at 200 years

Like branches of a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. Call it a clan, a tribe, a family, whatever you call it, whoever you are; you still need to look back where you came from.
Others say no sweeter moment than to return home. Who can resist going back to the province of Ilocos Sur where childhood memories, fruits of sacrifices and success served as your first base?
2018 will be a grand year for the province of Ilocos Sur in celebration of its 200-year of independence. At this early, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur is now preparing for the grandest and experience-full celebration in which each and every sector of the society is expected to take part for its success.
The highlight of this event will be the Grand Global reunion to be held on February 2, 2018 but, the whole stretch of the said activity is in time with the Kannawidan celebration. This would be the time to showcase to the entire world the beauty, and culture of Ilocos Sur through Kannawidan Festival.
The Local Chief Executives commit themselves to host the Global Reunion in coordination with the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur. Ilocosurians living abroad who will go back home will also attend the Global Reunion and other activities set for them.
In order to reach all “kababayans”, convince them to go home and participate in the said occasion, the information arm of the provincial government channeled even thru social media the campaign dubbed as “Intayon 2018” (an iloco term which means, let’s go back home).
As the provincial government prepares for this bicentennial celebration, Governor Ryan Luis Singson wholeheartedly invites everyone to be a part of it, especially those Ilocosurians living abroad. He knocks on the door of every Ilocosurian to relay his message inviting every Ilocano around the world to go back to the province and feel the spirit of love.
“Hold the chain and be part in uniting every Ilocano in the entire universe to ride in a plane and land in the province.  Rest assured that 2018 will be full of fun and worth keeping memories,” Gov. Ryan added.
Governor Ryan through his initiative ensures every Ilocosurian that the weeklong celebration will be worth it. Ilocos PIO Release / ABN

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