Importance of a school

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, school is an organization that provides instruction as it is an institution for the teaching of children. Thus, school is an institution meant to provide different learning areas and learning environments for the teaching and learning of pupils or students under the supervision of teachers. Why, then, is school important?
School is important because it is a tool that helps us prepare for life. Not only can we acquire the building blocks necessary to do many things such as reading, writing, analyzing and performing mathematical functions, but also learn about people, places and nature. It teaches us the skills that we need in order to succeed on the job and in other areas in life. That is why without these building blocks, we will not understand most of the things that are essential in everyday life.
In addition, school teaches us how to survive in the world by providing us exposure to diversity in culture and religion, which is necessary for us to develop tolerance and empathy. We learn how to deal with people which we may or may not like. We learn how to cope with people by collaborating with them. In short, school teaches us a lot of the social skills that are necessary in our lives.
As stated earlier, school helps us prepare for better lives. But does learning stop there? It does not. Because as they say, “Life is a school.” We never stop learning. We learn every day, whether or not we are in a classroom. We are continually learning new things throughout our lives.

Mary Grace E. Ballesteros, Pinget Elementary School

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