Classroom management

Classroom management refers to teacher behaviors that facilitate learning. A well-managed classroom increases learning because students spend more time on task.
Effective classroom management increases pupil success by creating an orderly learning environment that enhances pupils’ academic skills and competencies, as well as their social and emotional development.
Oftentimes, teachers shout at the top of their voices and even get angry because of pupils’ misbehaviors. They are concerned with preventing discipline problems and dealing with current discipline problems.
To avoid these, the following are some tips that can be of help to teachers improve their classroom in order:
1) Establish classroom rules and procedures during the first days of school and consistently and fairly enforce them throughout the school year. Be consistent.
2) Establish a positive professional relationship with students— the teacher is both in charge and cooperative. You will never have enough techniques to get students to behave and learn if you do not first create positive relationships.
3) Give understandable instructions so students know exactly what they are expected to do. (Cultural Hint: Do not ask, “Does everyone understand?” In many cultures, students would not dare say “No” because that would indicate the teacher did not do his or her job well.)
4) Use nonverbal signals rather than words. Silent cues are less disruptive.
5) Delegate, delegate, delegate! Students learn skills and responsibility, while saving the teacher time. But, teach students how to accomplish the delegated task or this time saver can turn into a time waster.
6) Move around the classroom. Move closer to problem spots in the classroom. This tactic tends to prevent or stop inappropriate behaviors.
7) Have a back-up plan if the lesson is not going well or runs short.
Remember, effective teachers are passionate about educating their pupils. They want to spend their time teaching, not dealing with classroom disruptions.

Lillie Addag-Vinluan, Quirino Hill Elementary School

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