Invest in Calcium – health expert

BAGUIO CITY – In celebration of Bone and Joint Awareness Week, Head of Orthopaedic Department of Baguio General Health and Medical Center (BGHMC) Dr. Justiniano Bai calls the public, especially the youth, to increase dietary intake of calcium to prevent osteoporosis.
During the Regular Kapihan sa Baguio held at the DOH Secretary’s Cottage on October 10 2017, Dr. Bai emphasized “marupok na buto” or osteoporosis as the number one problem in the Philippines. This disease is defined by the United States National Institutes of Health as a skeletal disorder characterized by compromised bone strength predisposing a person to an increased risk of fracture.
According to Dr. Bai, Asia has the highest number of osteoporosis cases because milk is not part of their diet. In the Philippines, most incidents are with elderly females since calcium in their bones ceases to increase when they reach menopausal stage.
To prevent this disease, Dr. Bai advised the public to invest in calcium by drinking milk or eating food rich in calcium such as chayote or sayote, Malabar nightshade or alugbati, sardines, and dilis. Exposure to sunlight from 10AM-1PM is also recommended to help in the absorption of calcium.
Also, in line with the Elderly Filipino Week Celebration this October, the doctor reminded to inform the senior citizens and their family members to stop incorrect old practices. These wrong customs include the use of socks while at home and placing rugs under the bed for they usually cause slip and fall accidents. It is also suggested that the elderly stays in the first floor and always be accompanied by another person to give aid to them when needed. PR, DOH Health Promotion / ABN

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