Photo Caption: LOOKING AND SOUNDING THE PART Argentinian Javier Parisi
amazed the Cauayan crowd by not just looking like the Beatle cofounder but also sings like John Lennon.



Let us imagine if John, Paul, George and Ringo did not split up. Also imagine if John was not killed
in December 8, 1980. Definitely we will not be travelling to Cauayan, Isabela last Saturday and watch a John Lennon doppelganger who doors not only talk like the famous Beatle but also sings like him. “It is a must see,” said Felix Deyta, a former activist who fell in love with music and who
hangs around with musicians and sometimes organize concerts. Javier Parisi is a wellknown John Lennon impersonator and he is on a worldwide tour to promote Lennon’s/Beatles song.

The Buenos Aires, Argentina born musician has been endorsed by Lennon’s son, Julian, the Jude in the Paul McCartney written and Beatle hit Hey Jude. Parisi arrived and performed in Manila in July 15 to kick off the Imagine: The Beatles Legacy World Tour Philippines leg at the Manila Museum and was on a stop in the at the Casino Filipino Cagayan Valley in the Isabela city.

Fifty seven years after the original John arrived with the Beatles and met by 80,000 screaming fans, Parisi could yet deliver a performance worthy of John’s praise. And he did not disappoint. “I’m so thankful of John, I am enjoying what I’m doing now. I get to be John Lennon, and I get to be paid,” the Hand of God (legendary football player Diego Maradonna) and (Lionel) Messi,” he said. “And I would tell him that I love him because I won’t be doing this, this thing that I love,” he added when asked what he will tell his idol when he meets him.

He will also be in an Argentinian film where he will play his idol John Lennon. Parisi said that introducing Lennon’s sings and the Beatles is something that he really appreciates, saying that he
loves the movie Yesterday, a Danny Boyle 2019 film about a singer who woke up after an accident when the world practically stopped and erased memories of the Fab 4.

“I really liked that movie and appreciate it for introducing it to a new generation of music lovers,” added Parisi, who will be flying out of the county soon for another stop to continue his effort to bring Lennon’s, and the Beatles, songs to a bigger audience. PS (I love you): Parisi travelled to Manila and tried some of the local delicacies on his way to Dakak for his next performance.

Pigeon Lobien/ABN

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