La Union Agri-Tourism Center, nailukaten

SIUDAD TI SAN FERNANDO – Maawis dagiti turista nga agpaspasyar iti La Union a dumagas iti Agri-Tourism Center a paggatangan kadagiti kasayaatan a lokal a produkto ti probinsia.
Indauloan ti probinsial a gobierno nga inlukat ti “Pasalubong Center” idi Marso 27, 2017.
“The province will be known to be the home and the hub of world-class agricultural and tourism products, goods and services…making the province’s produce to be of highest quality and standards…for them to taste, feel and experience,” kinuna ni Governor Francisco Emmanuel Ortega III bayat ti inawgurasion.
Masarakan iti ground floor ti Mabanag Hall iti sentro ti siudad, ti Pasalubong Center ket pakagatangan ti nagduduma a produkto manipud kadagiti 20 a lokal a gobierno ti La Union a pakairamanan ti bamboo crafts, handicrafts, soft brooms, carabao milk, dried fish, ken dadduma pay.
“Our province has a lot to offer not only in terms of tourism destinations but distinct products as well that showcase the ingenuity of the people … I am happy that our agricultural and tourism sectors have joined forces through our provincial government by putting up the Agri-Tourism Center in the heart of San Fernando,” kinuna ni Ina Panelo, maysa a residente ti Bauang.
“Visiting friends from other places always ask me what products our province has to offer, now I can just tell them to drop by the Center and they can check it for themselves,” kinunana pay.
Iti nakuna a pagteng, ti “I Love La Union” signage iti sango ti building ket nalukasan iti panangidaulo dagiti opisial ti probinsia. Joan Diaz-Sabado/PIA La Union / ABN

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