Liquor Ban In Baguio Lifted


BAGUIO CITY (July 4, 2020) – Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has lifted the ban on selling and distribution of liquor and other alcoholic products in the city.

Though drinking liquor in public like parks, sidewalks, alleys, city roads, waiting sheds, store fronts and areas other that private residences or permitted food retail establishments remain banned.

In his memorandum to the city’s 129 barangays today, Magalong reminded them that the city is still under quarantine and rules against unnecessary social gatherings, loitering, and other quarantine rules are still in effect throughout the city.

The mayor said, “persons may go out for essential purposed only”.  He also reminded barangay chairmen to ensure that residents continue to comply with basic health protocols, particularly on the mandatory wearing of masks, practice of basic and proper hygiene and observance of social distancing.

Magalong sternly warned that lockdowns will be ordered on barangays who fail or refuse to implement MGCQ rules and regulations.

Artemio A. Dumlao