Baguio City an almost three decades vendor of binatog went viral after a video sparked viewers on TikTok for their specialty that is being sold in a small kiosk beside Maharlika building. The owner is a 30-year married couple named Manang Berta and Manong Joel Magilao who started their binatog business in 1997. The couple has four children, the eldest almost aged as their business which is 27 years old.

Binatog is corn boiled in water, sprinkled with grated coconut, topped with sugar or salt, and evaporated milk. A local Filipino street food that is creamy and sweet and served in an overload of goodness that attracts not only locals but also tourists. As the video is being shared online, many tourists fall in line to have a taste of this special binatog which some say cannot be compared to any ordinary one.

Joshua Santos -UB Intern

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