To ensure public safety and address  the challenges posed by traffic obstruction, particularly in highly populated areas in this capital town,  additional traffic enforces are needed. PLT Milden S. Guinto, Chief of Traffic Section, has formally requested 10 additional Municipal Auxiliary Traffic Enforcers (MATE), supplementing the existing  team of 19.  Chief Guinto reiterated the need for additional traffic enforcers to effectively address  traffic obstructions , like the  areas from Km4 to Capitol.  ‘Pedestrian and commuter safety remain our  priority in our  enforcement efforts, Chief Guinto said.

The matter was discussed during the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) regular  session held on April 16, presided over by Vice Mayor Roderick C. Awingan. The local traffic section head also requested  additional Anti-Road Obstruction (ARO) operations to address traffic concerns within the municipality. Identified areas in need of traffic direction and control are Km4 (Mamaga), Puguis – Long-long road, Wangal Rotonda, Pinespark Bridge, Alapang Junction, and Trading Post Loop.  The additional MATEs  will be distributed to those locations mentioned above.

Chief Guinto emphasized the issue on traffic obstruction, aligning with the Municipal Ordinance on Anti-Road Obstruction. This ordinance explicitly prohibits activities such as illegal parking and one-way parking, as well as any obstructions hindering the traffic flow. Such violations result in congestion and sometimes pose safety hazards, resulting in accidents. Record showed, in 2023,  a  total of 14, 403  traffic obstruction were apprehended, while  last month, there were 3, 206 apprehensions recorded.

Also last year, some 3,444  were issued traffic citation tickets for violating one-way parking/illegal parking ordinance, the persistent violations affecting the capital town. For the first quarter (2024) there were 634 apprehensions recorded on the said traffic violations. Currently, there are 120 unretrieved vehicles stemming from vehicular accidents, held at impound sites located at the 1999 old market at Km.5 Pico and the municipal dumpsite in Alno. Vice Mayor Roderick Awingan Jr. commended the efforts of the traffic section in maintaining traffic order and safety. He urged drivers to exercise discipline and adhere to traffic regulations to uphold peace and order within the municipality.

Maedelyn P. Lumiwan – UB intern/ABN

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