Monitoring and Evaluation – a possibility for quality outcome

Improving education is one of the key thrusts of the Department of Education today. At a minimum, our department is implementing progressive and possible process and equitable system to embrace quality education. Continuous improvement suggests Monitoring, Evaluation and Assessment (MEA) as one of the enhancement programs in our departments to produce quality outcomes.
Monitoring and evaluation is a process that helps improve performance and achieve quality results. Its goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, products and impact. It can be an analytical research, and a way of crafting adaptable tools to provide superior performance management, project and program design. It is also used to assess the performance of projects and programs set up by the government. It is believed that M&E has crucial role in the assessment of quality aspects of education, decentralization, governance school autonomy and greater accountability for better outcomes in the workplace in general.
If it is used correctly, leaders shall know the real issues and concern through the evaluation tool then and there it will help them to increase the office performance and in schools; it increases performance indicators and achievement and give possible solution to other school or departments’ concerns. It will also contribute significantly to the social and emotional growth of learners in terms of participatory behavior. And as we strive to improve education and develop sustainable solutions, M&E is an innovative technique that can be used in solving problems and avoid possible complications and a tool to guide evidence-based decision-making.
Bringing together the many dimensions that contribute to educational quality and office performance, monitoring and evaluation emerges as indispensable part of the entire educational system to ensure that early intervention and interference to problems are done. Further it helps to access the relevance effectiveness, impact and sustainability of a given project.
By: ARTHUR TIONGAN, School Division Office, Baguio City

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