NIA-CAR’ s irrigation development efforts

Over the years, thousands of farmers in the Cordillera benefited from government’s irrigation
projects.  Across the region, hundreds of thousands of hectares of new service areas were developed and restored from countless types  of  irrigation systems completed by the National Irrigation
Administration-Cordillera (NIA-CAR). Reports showed that the country has about 10.3 million
hectares (ha) of agricultural land.

Out of this, around 3.1 million ha are considered irrigable. In the Cordillera, potential irritable areas has yet to reach its full potential. Based on NIA-CAR’s Status of Irrigation Development  report (as of Dec. 31,2022), It has developed a total service area of 108,625.12
hectares equivalent to 58 percent accomplishment. Some 76,780.88 ha of areas remain to be developed.

The region has a total 185,406 potential irrigable area. Abra has the most number of developed irrigation areas with 20,237.40 ha at 78 percent with more than 5k ha remain to be developed.
Ifugao has 70.10 percent with a total of 18,105.68 ha of irrigated areas followed by Kalinga as it developed a total of 28,064.27 ha (63.51 percent); Benguet has developed a total 16,060.33 ha equivalent to 62.38 percent; Mt Province with 13,660.98 for a 45.45 percent; and Apayao with 6,962 ha posted at 36.85 percent accomplishment.

Apayao has the most number of remaining areas to be developed with 21,413.54 ha. Actually, the province has potential irrigable area of 33,910 ha. Also a total of 85,179.21 ha of developed service areas-communal irrigation systems ( either NIA assisted/private / assisted by other govt agencies – were assisted by the agency). The agency is also assisting four national irrigation systems (NIS) located in Abra, Apayao, Ifugao and Mt.Province.

Primo Agatep/ABN

Amianan Balita Ngayon