An invitation to attend a press preview of the newest resto in town was too tempting to resist, so to mall
up the hill we went to experience an authentic Japanese Izakaya Hotpot meal. Nabe management hosted the media preview last week and experience what the newly opened resto had to offer with Haydee Kua their marketing department at the helm of operations.

Nabe mirrors the traditional Japanese hotpot meal with a flavorful broth paired with vegetables and choice meats, making the experience complete is the selection of side dishes U.S grade beef and pork with 16 soup bases to choose from! A Japanese izakaya is basically a stew and “Nabe” means “hot pot” is a classic winter food in Japan. It’s typically a stew where ingredients like meat, fish, and vegetables boiled
together, but there are many different versions of the delicacy.

Ideal for the Baguio chill, Nabe offers the perfect choice for as cozy meal with a quality meat selection and a curated array of side dishes. At the Nabe table, you will be treated to your private pot, electrically controlled heat and a delightful choice of meats, soup bases and add-on’s, the staff will assist first time hotpot eaters to how to navigate the menu.

The first step is to choose your soup base, with the 16 choices it may take some time. Soup bases include, Soymilk sesame, Spicy soy milk, sukiyaki, curry, tan tan, spicy miso, shoyu, soy bean, Taiwan, hot and sour, spicy miso, Tonkotsu, konbu, spicy miso kimchi, basil cream and shoyu with ginger. Then comes the easy part, ordering your meats, as a carnivore, it will come as second nature to get everything the menu offers which include beef, pork, chicken and ground meats, coming in small boxes which will be served to you in small easy to consume quantities.

The side dishes also is a no brainer, you can order the entire selection of kimchi, tempura, various maki’s, chicken wings and menchi katsu [basically its ground pork or beef fried into a patty, making it a burger without the bun. You can also opt to get raw eggs [which scramble \ hard boil or crack in your soup], the vegetables [corn, bok choy and pechay], vermicelli noodles, rice and mixed balls. Everything comes into
perfection when your small pot boils and the aroma of the broth mixed with your selection of goodies!

Next stop is to chow down [but be careful, your food is steaming hot]! Then you just repeat step one and do it all over again!Nabe’s base price is P588 per head with most of selections unlimited. The Baguio branch is the 5th branch to open all over the country.



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