New environment, New learning

Educator's Corner Opinion

An environment is the sum total of all living organism, including natural forces and other living things, which provide conditions for development and growth as well as of danger and damage

It is the setting or conditions in which a particular activity is carried on (Oxford Living Dictionary). Transferring from an environment you used to stay for years to another which you never went to is not that easy; leaving an organization in which you were a part of its improvement, especially the people where trust and confidence was being tried and tested.

Though happiness is felt, there is still WHAT IFs in mind which make you feel nervous. But is it the place that makes you nervous or the people you are to work with? Is it the kind of job waiting
or do you just doubt yourself?

Whatever queries in mind, let us remember that going to another station is for change and growth to improve professionally. As Billy Cox said, “Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.”

Let us not be afraid of going to a new environment because eventually there will always be new learning, from the people in the place aside from the place itself.

By: Lillie Addag-Vinluan
Adiwang Elem. School