Owners of wrecked BIBAK structures, told to haul belongings

The City Buildings and Architecture Office (CBAO) asked the Benguet, Ifugao, Bontoc, Apayao and Kalinga (BIBAK) former structure owners to immediately haul the lumbers and roofings of their demolished houses before the city does.
Engineer Stephen Capuyan of CBAO said that they have completed the demolition but the area was left with debris, and scattered lumbers and roofings. He said that they will give time to the owners of the demolished structures to personally haul the materials that they used in building their houses.
“I hope that while we are not completely clearing the area, they will use this to their advantage and not to wait for a deadline. Because if they will, it will not be good for them because we have no choice but to remove these things from the area with out prior notice. I hope they will take actions immediately,” Capuyan said.
BIBAK was once occupied by the former government agency Cordillera Regional Assembly (CRA). A former dormitory, catering to students from the five provinces that BIBAK stands for, was also established in the area. The CRA and the dormitory were later dissolved which gave the chance for the squatters to occupy the area and use it for their own business and profit.
With at least 200 individuals hired for the demolition job, CBAO dismantled all the structures in the area in one day. To their advantage, a handful of house owners voluntarily dismantled their houses prior to the actual demolition.
“We give thanks to those who volunteered to personally dismantle their houses. But still we’re asking their full support by immediately hauling their left-over house materials,” Capuyan said.
During the demolition, CBAO provided two trucks to help the owners of the demolished structures to transport all their belongings in their destination or relocation site. But the hauling was only limited in the city. Those who are relocating outside Baguio have to look for transportation at their own expense.
Capuyan stated that the removed house materials should not be piled within the BIBAK area but the city does not have a wide space for storage. “We have no choice but to pile it here, but it will only be for a period of time.”
He also cautioned the former occupants not to rebuild their structures while the area is being used as a temporary piling space. He said that any illegal structure that will be constructed in the area will be immediately demolished without hesitation.
During the demolition, 58 illegally constructed structures were dismantled. DIONISIO DENNIS JR. / ABN

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