The current high cost for a kilo of rice can be cut down to P20/kilo. Apayao Vice Governor and National Confederation of Irrigators Association (NCIA) president Remy Albano expressed his optimism over the feasibility of P20 per kilo rice with Compact Farming, which involves synchronized planting of a single rice variety to increase rice yields. In an interview with Amianan Balita Ngayon, Albano presented their plans of consolidating Irrigators
Associations (IA) into Municipal Cooperatives to head the distribution of 1000 hectares per cluster of farmers.

To achieve, farmers shall plant a single rice variety to produce quality rice and attain rice sufficiency. ‘Compact farming, synchronized yung pagtatanim. One cluster, one variety to produce quality seeds. Kasi yung palay, mas nalaklaka nga kontrolen ti pesticide nu maymaysa nga variety. Isunga, maymaysa variety, maymaysa timpla na so dekalidad,’ Albano explained. Production cost should be subsidized through the Cooperatives… to capture the value chain Albano said , expressing his optimism that P20/kilo of rice will be attained.

Albano cited a significant increase in rice yield, with the current average reaching 120 cavans per hectare, which is
double compared to the previous average. He added some farmers produce up to eight tons per hectare in the dry season, his confidence is reinforced that the country can meet its rice demand. The NCIA president seeks for government aid in establishing Municipal Cooperatives to streamline rice production, storage, processing, and marketing. He also stressed the importance of the Department of Agriculture’s educational programs in advancing farmers’ skills in production techniques and farm mechanization for increased efficiency.

Ruffa Mae Payangdo/UB-Intern

Amianan Balita Ngayon