City officials supported Resolution No. 25, series of 2020, of the municipal council of La Trinidad, Benguet that requested concerned offices of the national government to provide some P5 billion for the construction of the La Trinidad-Baguio bypass road or bridge along Balili River located within the capital town of Benguet.

Under Resolution No. 564, series of 2022, local legislators claimed that the proposed construction of the multi-billion bypass road or bridge from La Trinidad to Baguio city would not only greatly help mitigate the serve traffic congestion affecting both localities but also contribute in lessening air
pollution in the said area which will be a great advantage in the success of the government’s
environmental preservation and protection efforts.

Earlier, the Association of Municipal Mayor and Barangay Captains of the Philippines, Inc. (AMMBCP) requested the local government for the possible issuance of a manifestation of support for the implementation of the project construction of the La Trinidad- Baguio bypass road or bridge
along the famous Balili River.

The council disclosed that the city and the nearby town of La Trinidad, Benguet are 6 kilometers apart and both experience heavy traffic daily due to the huge volume of motor vehicles traversing the roads going to both localities taking several hours of travel time instead of a matter of a few

According to the body, the inconvenience caused by the daily heavy traffic has become unbearable to the residents of both local governments and that the same aggravates the level of air pollution in both localities, thus, the need to provide other alternative routes that will help decongest traffic and
simultaneously reduce air pollution in both localities.

Dexter A. See

Amianan Balita Ngayon