The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Cordillera, DILG Abra, together with the Municipal Government of Peñarrubia, barangay officials, volunteers, and community members recently unveiled a new two single-story building worth five million that will provide early childhood education and serve as a day care center at Barangay Tattawa, Peñarrubia, Abra, on Tuesday. “The significance of educating our young generation, particularly those in primary school, should not be undervalued.

Our schools can be regarded as crucial infrastructure within our local government units (LGUs) due to their significant impact in molding the character and development of our young generation,” said RD Araceli San Jose on the sidelines of the inauguration. It can be recalled that the two single-story buildings are among the projects completed under the FY 2022 Seal of Good Local Governance Incentive Fund that aim to improve educational accessibility, create an ideal learning environment, foster community development, ensure health and safety, and contribute to broader economic opportunities.

RD San Jose stated that the four corners of a classroom shape youthful consciousness, where they gain an understanding of the harsh realities of existence and manifest their aspirations and ambitions. Reiterating, “The distant location of the school limits the realization of their aspirations. Without a classroom, their capacity to envision idealistic outcomes is limited; therefore, investing in early education is crucial for long-term success, as it establishes the foundation for future learning and skill development.

“Let’s do our best to maintain these school buildings. We hope that the history of these buildings will be shared with our pupils and children, that this is a product of accountable, transparent, inclusive, responsive, and participative good local governance, and that this story will inspire them to be good citizens, to do good to the community, and to uphold the very same values that the LGU of Peñarrubia keeps close as they grow up,” RD San Jose said. Pathway to educational success RD San Jose said that the two single-story classroom school buildings will serve as a driving motivation for our young learners to study hard and aspire to become future leaders.

“We expect our learners’ academic performance to have improved upon their return to class as a result of the inauguration of these two one-story classroom structures. We instill in them renewed optimism by demonstrating to them that the local government is invested in their aspirations and future,” she said. Meanwhile, in her message, Peñarrubia Municipal Mayor Jane M. Cecilia emphasized the importance of bringing government services to the grassroots level, particularly education. “Connecting roads from different places won’t matter if our children have to walk for hours to school.

Transportation is one of the barriers that students have in attending school; they must walk to our school in order to acquire a formal education, which demotivates them. That is why we are implementing strategies to minimize these barriers and make education more accessible to the community by constructing classrooms for them,” Mayor Cecillia said. Adding, “Imagine a community where every child has access to quality education, where dreams are nurtured, and potential is unleashed. We are determined to turn this vision into reality by achieving zero out-of-school youth in Brgy. Tattawa, Penarrubia,” she said.

Barangay Tattawa Punong Barangay Rodrigo Benosa vowed to foster and maintain the newly inaugurated classrooms. “In addition to accepting the physical structure, we shall also assume the obligation to educate and motivate—efforts that will advance our children’s lives. This will serve as the foundation for our children to realize their aspirations of one day making a significant contribution to our community,” he said. Adding, “We pledge to ensure that the schools are well maintained through the collaboration and unity of the barangay’s residents, parents, and officials.” To recall, the Municipality of Peñarrubia has achieved a remarkable feat by being a consecutive recipient of the SGLG Passer award for the years 2022 and 2023.


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