PGLU develops strategic plan against COVID-19 delta variant

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“Dahil sa situation natin na mayroon nang Delta Variant, we have to prepare for worst case scenario.

Our basic objective here is to strengthen our capacity in handling CoViD based on the PDITR Strategy…we really need to prepare the best way we can,” emphasized Gov. Emmanuel Francisco “Pacoy” R. Ortega III as he convened the Provincial Government of La Union (PGLU) Provincial Core Team Against CoViD-19 (PCTAC) on July 21, 2021 to step up its efforts and preparations to avoid the possible emergence of the Delta coronavirus variant in the province.

PCTAC provides proactive solutions by working with the Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center (ITMC) to develop the initial CoViD-19 Delta Variant Action Plan.

Moreover, the task force has identified key areas to concentrate on such as the assessment of equipment and manpower resources of hospitals across the province. Hospital beds and supplies are being prepared according to the contingency plan.

Gov. Pacoy also directed for the further improvement of contact tracing and the expansion of isolation facilities in partnership with component Local Government Units.

At present, the La Union treatment facilities has 714 beds and there is still a need for at least 414 CoViD-19 beds and 38 ICU beds.

Partnership with private sectors were also called upon. He also directed for the procurement of necessary supplies including additional oxygen tanks to meet the minimum requirement of 2,212 units.

Among the action plans presented were the establishment of Temporary Isolation Areas in borders; monitoring of minimum health standards ordinance and its compliance; further expansion of vaccination program; close monitoring of barangay lockdowns; and the increase of efficiency of contact tracers and CoViD-19 testing.

Other notable developments reported in the meeting were the receiving of 27,600 doses of Jannsen Vaccines in the province which only requires one dose for complete vaccination; the rollout of A4 Vaccination in High Risk Areas; the PGLU’s conduct of vaccination to outbound OFWs to address their needs for specific vaccines; and the possibility of a drive through vaccination is also being explored.

As of date, the Province of La Union remains to be CoViD-19 Variants-free; however, a sense of urgency is what Gov. Pacoy continues to emphasize during these crucial times. He emphasized the need to continue strengthening the provincial and local capacity and directed the committees to meet often to track accomplishments.

While vaccines remain the best line of defense, the Delta variant has been shown to have more impact on respiratory illness, causing more hospitalizations and death.

The PGLU urges every Kaprobinsiaan to remain vigilant and cautious at all times. The public is also advised to avoid super spreader events as we continue to ramp up our efforts to avoid the CoViD-19 virus.

Photos by: Wendell Tangalin, PIO