Step 2 registration with updating of demographic services at Brgy. Camp 3, Tuba during the conduct of the Healthier Benguet Caravan on May 24, 2024

TUBA, Benguet – The Philippine Statistics Authority ( PSA ) – Benguet is pleased to announce the successful
implementation of Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) services during the 8th Healthier Benguet Caravan held in Tuba, Benguet. This initiative provided essential identification services to resident, significantly contributing to the event’s overall impact. On May 24, 2024, during the first leg of the caravan at Camp 3 Elementary School, the
PSA registered 14 individuals for Step 2 of PhilSys, with an additional 2 individuals availing of the demographic updating service.

The second leg, conducted on May 30, 2024, at the Youth Sports Complex in Poblacion, saw 32 individuals
complete their Step 2 registration, and 3 more updated their demographic information. In total, 46 residents
successfully registered for PhilSys, and 5 updated their demographic details over the two days. PhilSys aims to provide a unique, secure, and reliable identification system that enhances public service delivery, promotes ease of
doing business, and improves social services.The PSA’s participation in the caravan underscores its commitment to
bringing government services closer to the people,ensuring that all Filipinos have access to the benefits of a national
identification system.

The 8th Healthier Benguet Caravan, organized by the Provincial Government under Governor Dr.Melchor Daguines
Diclas and supported by the municipal Local Government Unit of Tuba led by Mayor Clarita P. Salongan, benefited nearly 1,700 residents. The event offered a wide array of services, including medical and dental care, veterinary services, paralegal assistance, and more. Governor Diclas and Mayor Sal-ongan expressed their gratitude to the PSA and other participating agencies for their contributions to the caravan’s success. Their collaborative efforts ensured
that essential services were delivered efficiently and effectively to the community.

The PSA remains dedicated to its mission of providing a universal and streamlined identification system for all Filipinos. PhilSys not only facilitates access to various government and private sector services but also fosters
a more inclusive and efficient society.

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