Puskol Rupa

Ikit ng Bayan

Are you a PR or pr? Everyone can’t be a PR but anyone can be either a troll or a supporter. As Election Fever is just around the corner waiting to be light on to keep the fire burning. Truly this is the Time for Brainstorming. And I know all are already busy working on Public Relations as it is needed to have a favorable Public Image.

And here is the 7 kinds of PR. If you study Communications surely you know this and its difference. 1. Strategic Communication: fulfilling a
mission by analyzing the public. 2. Media Relations: Involves working with Media to disseminate information to the Public. 3. Community
Relations: establish a mutual relationship with the community to maintain understanding and respect. 4. Internal Communications: Understanding one Goal that benefits both the Organization for example and the Participants. 5. Crisis Communications: designed to check the impact of a PR on a certain Individual or a Group in case it needs to defend or protect. 6. Public Affairs: managing risk and identifying opportunities. 7. Online and Social Media Communications: The Trolls and Supporters. Trolls? Paid or just a Trip.

People who leave intentionally provocative or offensive messages (post/comments) on the Internet to get attention, cause trouble, or upset someone. Cause Damage, Confusion, Doubt and Division to change whatever your stand or opinion on a situation or a person. Often Fake News, No Transparency and One-sided. Supporters? Who shares positive information regarding a public figure, movement, party or policy. A Person who approves and encourages someone.

And attacks trolls on means of facts, info and news they believe in. All of us may have our differences. The relationship of Families, Friendships and Colleagues should never be at risk. Respect is all we need. I respect your opinion, Respect mine. After all, at the end of the day you still a Fam, Friends and Colleagues. No Fight People, Just Love. Aha This is yours truly, iKit Ng Bayan.