PUVs using lay-bys parking warned: be responsible or lose parking privilege


Mayor Benjamin Magalong on June 20 warned public utility vehicles (PUVs) granted the chance to utilize lay-bys for temporary parking to be responsible for the upkeep and proper use of the spaces or lose the parking privilege granted them.

Lay-bys are short road strips at the side of main roads where vehicles can stop for a short time without interrupting traffic.

The city allows some bus and jeepney associations to use the spaces for parking while waiting for their trips. “This is your first and last warning. If you refuse to abide by the agreement to maintain cleanliness in the area and allow only a limited number of units and only at a certain time of the day, then I’m sorry but we will be constrained to cancel the agreement,” the mayor said.

The mayor kept on receiving complaints about the unsanitary condition of the spaces and on how some associations abuse the privilege by parking more than the allowed number of units and going beyond the agreed hours.

“We’ve been lenient but this is too much so please be warned,” he said.

PIO-Baguio/Aileen P. Refuerzo