SM City Baguio joins 4th Quarter NSED

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SM City Baguio participated in the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) which was held last November 14 at 9am. A total of 904 employees and mall goers participated in the earthquake drill. SM City Baguio Assistant Mall Manager John Paul Arnaiz said, “It’s important for SM Baguio to participate in this quarterly drill because we have around 8,000 mall goers everyday who come in.

During earthquakes or natural disasters, we want to ensure everyone that we are prepared to help in these types of situations while at the same time teaching mall goers and employees what to do.”

The earthquake drill included search and rescue, fire incident, first-aid administration, and proper evacuation of employees and mall goers.

Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) FO1 Jason Alalag was there to watch over how SM City Baguio employees handled the earthquake drill while officers from Philippine National Police (PNP) assisted in the traffic.

SM City Baguio believes in helping their employees and mallgoers learn the proper protocol when earthquakes happen. This is to practice being alert, to stay calm, and to practice the maneuver “Duck, Cover, and Hold” to everyone.

The importance of conducting earthquake drills during the day is to also practice preparedness where business establishments and buildings are mostly crowded and busy.