Municipality of La Trinidad – BENECO MOA signing on Streetlights Repair and Maintenance Signatories included Mayor Romeo K. Salda and Vice Mayor Roderick C. Awingan for the LGU and BENECO Gen. Man. Engr. Melchor S. Licoben and BENECO Board President, Atty. Esteban A. Somngi for the cooperative. Councilors Francis A. Lee, Teddy C. Walang, John G. Botiwey, Guiller A. Galwan, Jayson C. Dangwa, Renato B. Tereng, IPMR Pendon B. Thompson, and Municipal Legal Officer Atty. Bartolome L. Baldas Jr., along with BENECO Board of Directors (District 1&2), stood as witnesses. We all look forward to a BRIGHTER and SAFER LA TRINIDAD!