During the International Institute for Strategic Studies Shangri-La Dialogue last 31 May to 03 June 2024 in Singapore, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr highlighted the aim of the dialogue to focus on pressing strategic issues confronting ASEAN and China. The activity fostered amity, fraternity, and sovereign equality among member
countries. PBBM narrated how the Philippines abides by international laws, particularly the 1982 United Nations
Convention on the Law of the Sea and the binding 2016 Arbitral Award, which have helped the nation clarify,
define, and protect its maritime jurisdiction and sovereignty.

He said that the “life-giving waters of the West Philippine Sea flow in the blood of every Filipino” and commited that the Philippines will continue to protect its territory, patrimony, rights, and dignity as a nation. PBBM mentioned the
seven (7) realities/challenges in the Indo Pacific Region to include: 1. The unique experiences and aspirations of
Indo Pacific nation 2. The competition between China and the United States which creates new security problems to other countries 3. The evolving dynamics and challenges affecting the ASEAN and its member states 4. Geopolitics rivalries affecting global governance 5. Access to science and technology affecting international development
6. Climate change as a global threat 7.

Advancement in technology disrupting political and social orders PBBM mentioned ways to address the seven (7) realities/challenges in the Indo Pacific Region to include: 1. Sovereign equality of states must be respected 2. ASEAN and ASEAN-led processes must remain central 3. The rule of law and the integrity of multilateralism must prevail PBBM stated that countries are strategic partners in maintaining peace, stability, and prosperity in the region. The interests and responsibilities of all states in the community of nations must always be acknowledged and be equally heard.

PBBM committed that the Philippines is steadfast in addressing and managing difficult issues through dialogue and through diplomacy. He said that the Filipino people will continue to work with ASEAN and China towards an effective and substantive code of conduct, perpetual peace, everlasting amity, cooperation among nations towards a culture of strength, solidarity, and closer relationship. In closing, PBBM said that geopolitics must not distract us from our fundamental duty as civil servants to deliver government programs and services closer to the people and to safeguard the bright future of the coming generations. He urged all countries present to come together to make a
better world.

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