Baguio City Council, in a resolution, has tasked the Dizon-Manzanillo Subdivision Barangay Council to craft a barangay ordinance regulating Aguila Street. The said street is a subject of numerous complaints on
safety and sanitation by the residents in the barangay. In his letter to the city government, Punong Barangay George Banayos claimed that cars would speed through the street and that “noisy” individuals going to and coming from the pubs located in the vicinity would litter on the way.

The concerned residents have proposed to erect gates on both ends of the road and to close it from 9:00 pm to 5:00 am so as to prevent unruly and rowdy individuals from entering the area. They also claimed that
portions of the road are now being used as parking areas, causing inconvenience to the residents. The neighbors said they are willing to shell out for the hiring of security guards who will man the gates.

In a forum with the city council last November 15, Gloria Blando, a resident along Aguila St., claimed there had been incidents of theft, gunpoint robbery, and drunk driving, to name a few, in the neighborhood due to the unrestricted access to the said street. Blando said she is concerned about her safety and her neighbors’ and appealed to the council members to address their plight.

The council members, however, opposed the idea of closing the street as it is used as an access road by residents in the adjoining neighborhoods. Instead, the councilors urged the barangay officials to conduct a public consultation for the purpose of crafting and enacting a barangay ordinance that would regulate the said street.M eanwhile, Banayos disclosed there are only two assigned tanods in the barangay. In the resolution, the councilors also tasked the commander of Police Substation 2 to assign personnel to patrol
the area fronting Agrix Building and to maintain police visibility until 2:00 am.

SP/Jordan G. Habbiling

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