Students benefit from Fernando-Rosa Bautista Foundation programs

The Fernando-Rosa Bautista (FRB) Foundation is the generation to generation charitable arm of the Bautista Family or the University of Baguio.
The Fiscal Year July 2016-June 2017 for the foundation begins with the yearly sponsorship of the “Pamasahe Mo, Sagot Ko” program for the 25 pupils with special need as the recipients of the Baguio SPED Center and Feeding Program for 25 malnourished pupils of the same school.
Livelihood training is a part of FRB’s yearly endeavor in the form of fashion accessories skills training conducted by the staff and foundation scholars at Philippine Mental Health Association, Brgy. Pacdal, Brgy. Magsaysay Private Road and Brgy.Bakakeng Norte.
The Foundation spent P30,000 for each training area with 30 to 50 participants.  All participants were more than satisfied and were greatly appreciative of this noble endeavor of the Foundation.
In all the training, a common clamor of the trainees was for the foundation to conduct another kind of a livelihood training program in their area.
The yearly partnership of the National Basketball Training Center usually held from November to February was participated in by at least 12 high schools in Baguio City.  The use of the UB Gym and expenses for the coaches from Manila is FRB’s counterpart.
Financial assistance in the form of cash donations and sponsorship to organization for their worthy causes were also extended to the Bishop Cenzon Foundation, Amianan Balita Ngayon, Mother Butler, Tribal Submission Philippines, A List Plan B Entertainment, Feed Hope Inc., Red Cross & Baguio Regreening Movement Inc., BGHMC Children’s Ward, Baguio City Jail-Female Dorm and Baguio Museum. Likewise to the Brigada Eskwela projects of Mil-an National High School, Baguio Central School, Quezon Hill Elementary School and Crystal Cave Elementary School.
Aside from cash donations, the Foundation also gave materials and things needed to Brgy. Bineng, La Trinidad.
The Foundation also sponsored the tuition fees of six chosen TESDA Scholars who now graduated and are working. BCSAT and TESDA Loakan said they are so much grateful for the support that the foundation is giving to these unprivileged students. They plead for the foundation to continue such support because according to them, it is indeed a big help.
This year’s update of the scholarship grants to deserving students and teachers are as follows:
For the first semester, there were 19 indigent individuals in college and 10 teachers at the graduate school, with a total of 29 scholars. While in the second semester, there were 13 indigent undergraduate students and 10 teachers in graduate school totaling to 23 scholars; and a student for the priesthood at Recolletos Seminary.
Last December 2016 and May 2017, five college and one Ph.d scholars graduated from the university.
The foundation is now on its 29th year and for the past 12 years it has seen the active implementation of programs primarily to perpetuate the ideals and aspirations of UB founders Fernando and Rosa Bautista.
To see more of FRB’s activities, follow frb_foundation (Instagram); FRB foundation (twitter); and Fernandorosafoundation (Facebook). PR / ABN

Amianan Balita Ngayon