The Alpines art exhibit opening last Wednesday at The Manor at Camp John Hay left a promise for the establishment of an art gallery at the Baguio City National High School. Speaking before singers
from BCNHS – Special Program in the Arts, councilor Leandro Yangot, Jr. made this promise as he said that part of the proceeds of the sale of art works on display at the posh hotel could mean building materials to enclose an area between the BCNHS main building and the auditorium gymnasium.

It will be the permanent home of the works of visual artists from the BCNHS-SPA. Some 20 works of the councilor turned artist painted in Baguio and in Geneva, Switzerland in the last three years were the main feature of the exhibit done with fellow Switzerland denizen Claire Jaun Torres.
Sub-titled “A Swiss-Baguio Art Fusion”, Alpines talk about the marriage of two cultures, thus the title which both speak of the Alps and the Benguet pine trees that define Baguio.

“She has been here for three years and I was in Geneva the last three years and which became my other home,” said Yangot. Torres, who is a Filipina from Ilocos Sur and married to a Swiss, is from Zurich but has been in Baguio for the last three years. The artists are joined by members of the Sin-Agi like Gladys Labsan, BCNHS student painter Camille Machiss and Jane Juan, among others.

Founded only in December of last year and had its formal launching on December 15 when the Climate Action Wall Biking Mobility mural at Legarda Road. Meanwhile, workshops on photography and urban landscaping will be the feature this weekend at the BCNHS in the Baguio Educational Art Festival which Sin-Agi is hosting with the BCNHS – SPA.

Pigeon Lobien/ABN

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