Teremikasi Indonesia!

Editorial Ikit ng Bayan

Travelling is fun when you seek guidance, protection and wisdom in your prayer to Jesus in the morning.

Along with entering a new country is a revelation, somehow, of new culture, practice, tradition, language and character that you have to adapt for a while, then you just go with the flow.

My tri-city tour is comparable to a ferry. First things first: You have to be earlier an hour on your departure; with you of course is your passport, boarding pass, IDs in case of emergencies, and a pen.K idding aside, some immigration officials are strict, though sometimes it all depends on your aura, your attitude, the way you dress and how you carry yourself.

My first tour in Indonesia, not in the capital Jakarta, though, but in the 2nd largest province of Indonesia: Batam Riau. In Batam Riau, one can see the infamous Balerang Bridge, one of 6 bridges in Indonesia connecting the country’s 1750 islands.

Like the Philippines, other islands disappear during high tide and appear again on low tide, which is especially so during summer. We also get to see the 7th most famous Coffee in the World, taken from the poop of the rare wild civet animal which makes it sound exotic, and guess, expensive.

Moving on, is the “Maha Vihara But Maitreya”, the largest temple in southeast Asia, which reminds us to visit also “Tua Pek Kong”, the oldest Chinese Temple in Batan. Indonesia is known for all kinds of sea food.

Whatever seafood you want, you’ll have it. Eating at a floating Sea Food Restaurant is just an unforgettable experience. The touch of the breeze and the waves is just so awesome, while having your food with your hands.

The feeling is so refreshing, I urge you should try. When you wash away the past and embrace the future, all roads you take will guide you through. My last stop before going shopping at the Batik Gallery and for souvenirs: I took photos of traditional and miniature houses as well as the sign “Welcome to Batam, Indonesia” on my way back to Batam.

Let’s enjoy life to the fullest before all opportunity closes. This is yours truly, Tita Ara Katter, always reminding you, “Ti Panagkaykaysa. Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsauyaatan.”