The Double D

No one could surely say that it’s okay not to be okay for it is not truly OK. We are all struggling since this Pandemic occur unnoticed, unpredictable and that no one is even ready for it. And so, it reminds us all of a Filipino Folk Story of “Si Tipaklong at Langgam” But you know what’s the most amazing Story a person could ever heard? It is the Story of “Childs Christ” Psalms 55:22 where God Sustain his Children.

While having Coffee on an old meet up place of some old folks. You can hear some talks about this trying times. Their Opinions, Perception, Suggestions and Solutions. You get to hear some of them about this Double D. The Destruction and Deception. Destruction is the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired. Deception from the word “deceive” (of a person) cause (someone) to believe something that is not true. Typically, in order to gain some personal advantage, for Deception is the action of deceiving someone.

We cannot blame that some talks about it unlikely for there’s this old saying that “No Matay Ka, Matay Ka” for surely no one can predict our death. So, tell me what have you learnt on this so-called Pandemic? Meanwhile, like a baby step all is beginning to get back on track. Just hoping that this time there is what we call when to Time-out! Like to prevent Covid-19 aside from what Bida Solusyon is asking all of us to do. Crowded places are still a big No-no-no.

Why not try to have a Schedule also when will per sector comes out from their work also? On this, we’re helping each establishment to still have costumer and Jeepney/Taxi to still have a passenger and we can Avoid crowded and pila-pila system atleast until 8 in the evening. If only we have this system where Gov’t is out from work on 5PM. Beauty Care and alike 6PM. Pharmacy and alike 7PM and Restaurants and alike 8PM then we can avoid na magkahawaan. This and many more concerns were heard and it’s very interesting. Anyway, Ti Panagkaykaysa Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan and this is yours truly, iKit Ng Bayan!


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