The iLocanos

I was once told of the iLocano style of why oh why they were so successful and known smart. Kuripot! Yes that’s the right term but whatever there reason is, it is why they were always on peak of everything. They know when, where and why to spend their money wisely. What they share is the tips, strategy and tactics on how but never will they throw a cash on something less valuable but if they do even if it’s impossible then they will and you will be amaze just what heck happen there.

So many Restaurants tend to copy and maintain their serving of iLocano foods but in the long run they will make a twist or add on which defeats the purpose of having an iLocano delicacies on their menu however (Hindi ko po nilalahat).

Anyway, I’ve tried and I know you too do eat on every Resto in the City that serve iLocano Cuisine.

While trying to eat some of them are still operational and some of them well you know long gone. And finally I found it. Pan De iLoko!

Pan De iLoko is located at 122 Dormitory Upper Bonifacio St. Baguio City. If you are from Sumulong then you will see the entrance or what they call shortcut going to Notre Dame Hospital and near University of Baguio. But if you tend to walk from Upper General Luna Rd. then you will pass by UB then Notre and you will have to walk the Short cut near the new TS Supermarket.

Pan De iLoko Empanada is so big, tasty and cheap. It is no denying that you can taste the better known Longganisa of iLocos while pouring it’s Sukang iLoco also. Yummy! And their Miki Abra is to crave for as well especially this cold season. You better keep yourself warm and take a gulp of its Sabsabaw to avoid Cold and Caugh. You should have a bite of their delicious Bagnet too because you might not be able to complete the taste of iLocos if you will not have it.

You do not have to go to iLocos to experience these. Dine-In now with your Family and Friends and try their Boodle Fight of your choice of orders like Insarabasab, Poqui-Poqui, Dinengdeng, Sinampalongak Manok, Bagnet Kare-Kare, Ginataang Tilapia, Pinakbet with  Fried Bangus and many more…

Please do not hesitate, if you can try other Asian and Foreign Delicacies and then I hope you should try ang Sariling atin. Buy Local, Eat Local, Shop Local and Travel Local.
You can check them out also at Food Panda and Grab.

But if you want to spend your little Get together there this Christmas like good for 15 to 25 people then why not just observe Health Protocols as IATF and DOH said so. Call and Message them at 0916-605-9844 and look for Mr. Jayrah. Come One, Come All! Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!.M oreover, for your Advertising needs plz. Call 0910- 1484-600. And always remember: Ti Panagkaykaysa, Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan. This is yours truly, IKit Ng Bayan.

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