The kontrabida

Ikit ng Bayan Opinion

A businessman once said that Chinese people have this kind of practice that they usually throw away their things after they use it for a year because they do believe that bad luck will come their way – through the down fall of their business, health, wealth and etc. In order to avoid such matter, they bought new things, change and renovate their room to the specific zodiac sign of the year for luck to come their way. So if you notice, Chinese products are easily destroyed because its quality program is only good for one year.

One more thing, Japan product is actually good whether on food, gadgets, equipment, medicine, beauty products and etc. But lately, their products that are brought to the Philippines are no longer in good condition unlike before. The question is why? Well that is because all of their products that are delivered to the Philippines are the ones filled with the tsunami; destroyed by water. The equipment or gadget may last for a year but not longer than you expected.

My fellow Filipinos want easy money. They believe in the games of chance such as lotto, jueteng, cara cross, chess, sabong, networking and others are all popular in the province and city. But with all the money spend on these vices they have never come to realize that all the years they have spent on it; he/she can already buy his/her own house, lot or personal car in a total. But who to blame but ourselves on decisions that we make spending money on such nonsense. No you cannot be the “kontrabida” for others will be disappointed and “maiinis” on you. Well, by the way, easy money is an easy loss.

Now let us see what 5/6 can do. For a person who is desperate to make a solution to answer a problem on money, this is the best way to do. However, this is also the worst game changer on business that pulls us down rather than to push us up. Then who to judge but no one as well because no one is perfect and the best teacher anyway is experience. This is yours truly Tita Ara Katter – iKit ng Bayan that always reminds you “Ti panagkaykaysa, mangiwanwan iti naranyag nga pagsayaatan.”