The Old Spaghetti House SM Baguio City is now open

The Old Spaghetti House, the country’s largest Filipino-owned restaurant specializing in pasta, had its SM Baguio City Store Grand Opening last September 2, 2017.  The Store is now located at 3rd Floor in front of cinema 4.
“The newly renovated The Old Spaghetti House, or TOSH as it is fondly called, is a full store that carries the complete line up of pasta, hand crafted pizza, entree and beverages.  It is expected to cater to both locals and tourists of Baguio City,” says Ace L. Azarraga, marketing manager of The Old Spaghetti House.
Lizzie Guerrero, general manager of The Old Spaghetti House, says that in the new design of TOSH (The Old Spaghetti house), they wanted to give families, friends and students dining there for the first time to have a memorable experience that they would always looked back to with fondness.
Lizzie Guerrero stresses that while The Old Spaghetti house is primarily Western-influenced in set up and menu, it highlights traditional Filipino values.
The Old Spaghetti House banks on family recipes to become a household word without the expensive tab.  “The venture eventually became a family affair, with hand-me-down traditional family recipes finding their way into the menu. This is a cooking family, after all”, says Chito’s mom Annie Pascual-Guerrero, founder of the Cravings Group of Restaurants and the Center for Culinary Arts.  Lizzie’s side of the family made its contributions as well.
The Old Spaghetti House, established in 2003, has around 17 branches nationwide, most of which are in Luzon. PR / ABN

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