The Search for Traffic Solutions

The traffic scenario during the advent of the New Year and a couple of days afterward saw a plethora of private vehicles coming up from the lowlands transporting visitors to the city.

These cars, vans, SUVs and whatnot, along with other public utility vehicles created long and undulating lines literally nose to nose and bumper to bumper giving rise to another kind of ‘jam’ in the city. One that is unfortunately bitter to the taste and palate.

The city government under the leadership of Mayor Benjamin ‘Benjie’ Magalong is trying its best to effectively manage the traffic concerns in the locality and has time and again implemented various traffic schemes and route experimentation if only to ease the gridlock of vehicles along the various main roads and streets.

But the sad reality of the matter is that there are simply too many vehicles, both public and private, going around the city, especially along the Central Business District (CBD) area and along routes leading to ostensibly famous tourist sites such as in Mines View.

Given the dearth of wide enough roads to accommodate the voluminous traffic and the seemingly endless addition and increase in the number of vehicles regularly traversing the narrow roads and streets in the city it might be reasonable and fair for the city government to consider imposing drastic measures if only to ease the traffic congestion.

One such proposed measure to consider is to enact an ordinance that would prohibit private vehicles from entering the CBD area. If motorists would insist on bringing their vehicles then they would be allowed to park from a certain distance and along the periphery of the CBD area, and from thereon just walk going into the center of the city.

Only public utility vehicles such as jeepneys and taxi cabs will be allowed entry in the CBD area purposely to ferry passengers to and from their point of origin and destination. With respect to Burnham Park no vehicles will be allowed to park anywhere inside or along its periphery.

Delivery vans and trucks for commercial establishments within the CBD area will only be allowed to disgorge their cargo at midnight or if they are to transport goods or products from the commercial establishment to the residence or property of their clientele then only a limited number of vehicles will be allowed per establishment in the CBD.

For schoolchildren and students going to their schools and universities use the jeepney or take a cab instead of using your private vehicle to transport you right at the doorstep of your school.

If the city can close one lane of Session Road for one day then it can also encourage its citizenry to start walking when entering the CBD area. Try to set parking areas along the periphery of the CBD area or turning points where private vehicles can just unload their passengers and allow them to walk the rest of the way into the center of the city.

There is no easy way to go about this but with a strong political will and re-igniting the passion for walking as part of a healthy lifestyle then perhaps in some way the city can somehow ease the burden of traffic congestion within the CBD area.


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