The City Department Risk and Rescue Management Office warned the public Wednesday to expect more torrential rains similar to the Sunday afternoon rains that saw vendors at Session Road running after their wares and tents as the city’s premiere street became a raging swollen river due to the abnormal rains that also had hails. “The rainfall as recorded at 55.8 millimeters which is above the normal 30 mm,” said Julius Santos of CDRRMO citing reports from the local Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, Astronomical Service Agency or PAGASA.

“You can see its effect at Session Road,” added Santos as vendors chased their wares which were dragged by the raging waters down the thoroughfare in the sudden rain and hailstorm early Sunday afternoon. Santos said during the Ugnayan hosted by the Public Information Office that thunderstorms and torrential rains will be experienced in the coming days as the season shifts from habagat (monsoon) to amihan (northeast wind). Mayor Benjamin Magalong said the October rains that caused flash flood along Session Road “was unusual and unexpected.”

The mayor, however, said that the city “is now coming up with nature based solutions to address floods particularly in the central business district.” City Camp Central kagawad Gerald Alangui said that water
started to rise at the City Camp Lagoon which is but a few meters from his barangay. “The people were caught by surprise,” said Alangui. Eng’r Richard Lardizabal of the City Engineering Office has coordinated with the contractors at the area to remove all trash that blocked drainage at the area Monday to avoid the flash flooding last Sunday at the Lagoon area which was caused by the abnormal rain.

“We really expect floodings due to the abnormal rain, the volume which should have been a strong rain for 24 hours but only dumped it in 35 minutes,” said Lardizabal in mixed Filipino and English. Meanwhile, Magalong has already issued a memorandum activating the DRMMM team that include barangay officials
to be on full alert due to tropical depression Maymay which is making its presence felt in some northern Luzon provinces as well as another approaching typhoon.

“We are now on full alert,” added Santos in response to the mayor’s memorandum and with the mayor about to leave for Mexico for a business trip. Pigeon Lobien FULL ALERT. Julius Santos of the City Disaster Risk and Rescue Monitoring Office explains the unusual torrential rains last Sunday caused flash
floods around the city including Session Road and City Camp. He also said during the Wednesday Ugnayan that his office has been activated by mayor Benjamin Magalong to be on full alert due to tropical
depression Maymay which is causing rains in Northern Luzon.

Neil Clark Ongchangco/PIO Baguio

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