Tragic Baguio Road Mishap Climbs To 6

BAGUIO CITY (April 25, 2019) – The tragic road mishap met by local political campaigners group on Tuesday evening here has climbed to 6.
Josephine Mayocyoc Ag-a, 59 and John Rey Abaigar Passi, 6, died from very serious injuries Wednesday at the hospital, authorities said hiking up the death toll from four immediately after the accident.
Three campaigners died on the spot – Elizabeth Panes, 54, Richelda Abicar, 47, married and Julia S. Labi, while Adelina Pimentel Agsaway, 68, did not reach the hospital alive.
Those hurt from the ill-fated jeepney were Agnes Buarao Ag-a, 43, married; Judith Abiogan Siplat, 47, single; Robert Yaeng Sibal Jr., 21, single, student; Jonalyn Palatik Dekdeken, 26, married, housewife; Kyle Rector Libua Lardizabal, 10, Grade 5 student; Kellycent Libua Lardizabal, 14, Grade 8 Student; Michael Ogayan Boligon, 39, married; Jovelyn Banasan Gados, 42, single, self-employed; Shirlyn Banasan Gados, 40, married, housewife; Shantal Gados Gonnay, 5; Alma Dewalan Allera, 46, married, housewife; Travis Bagayao Aliping, 13, Grade 8 student; Ryjen Ondong Palatic, 15, Grade 9 Student; Mercedes Cawilan Guerero, 49, widow; Nary Grace Gorgonia Castro, 30, single; Patrick Zhean Castro Paylor, 5; Hilaria Yaeng Sibal, 56, married, housewife; Sally Lis-eg Balaodan, 39, married, store owner; Josephine Mayocyoc Ag-a, 59; Gloria Gatarin Simsim, 64; Robert Jaeng Sibal, 21; and Josephile Gayo Ligligan, 42.
The ill-fated jeepney loaded with campaign supporters of local group “Onjon ti Baguio” allied with the Liberal Party, while descending along Suello Village in Asin road, went out of control after it lost its brakes prompting the driver to ram it into a concrete barrier.  The impact however prompted the vehicle to turn turtle and falling on its side.
by: Artemio Dumlao

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