It’s all systems go this Sunday for the Nataraki 2023 Northern Builders Fair trail run which started Friday at the Ayalaland Open Field inside Camp John Hay. The event organized by a group of young architects, a flock of sports journo and a team of running enthusiasts saw the staging of a food, music, art and crafts cum trail race to help especially members of the building industry attain
wellness due to the Covid-19 pandemic which practically put a stop on all activities during its height in 2020.

Lead Plus, the Media for Sports Development and Team Malaya are bonding together for the three day event from June 23 to 25 which will not only feature a food, art and crafts and musical experience but it will also have a 3-Kilometer, 6K and 12K run at the famous trails of the former American base. Architect Ariel Lelaina Garcia of lead organizer Lead Plus said the Nataraki 2023 is “a three-day fun event in our hope to reduce stress among our colleagues in the building and construction industry, especially after three years under the threat of the Covid19 virus.”

Aside from the fair, it will also have seminars for engineers and architects as a requirement to renew their license with the Philippine Regulatory Commission, but also an exciting team building
event that is an amazing race type. Sunday will be the busiest with the highlight, the trail run that starts at 4AM and will culminate that will start right after the last man or woman reaches the finish line. Art and craft workshops will be slated during the three day fest with local artists and crafts people as facilitators, said Garcia.

She added that busking featuring local musicians will be slated during the three day event at the football area, famous for wedding photography and picnics. Team Malaya race director Stephen Felices said the races will utilize John Hay’s famous trails, where locals take walks and runs, among them members of the famous Team Lakay and local mixed martial artists. Felices revealed the 3K will follow the usual trail, the easy one, that starts from the open field, the horse trail all the way
to the Energy Rock and vice versa.

On the other hand, the longer 6K is a loop going to the Red Trail or lower trail passing through the Log Cabin and the view deck that gives an amazing view of Mount Ugo in Itogon and the tallest mountain of Luzon, Mount Pulag, then the Voice of America and from there follow the 3K route.”
The 12K will have the same route as the 6K run, but it leads to the Yellow Trail and the Tree Top Adventure, then the runners take the tree canopy route, which is one of the run’s highlights, eventually leading to the 3K route.

The event will have as partner the Kabalai, an association of single parents from different sectors including the arts, and the fair will serve as a fund raiser for the group. Registration for the trail run is still on-going online by visiting https://leadplus.start. page. Luna. LEAD+, Garcia said, is a training and development group that provides self-improvement training, workshops, and seminars with mastery safety consultancy. Courses are designed to help you grow personally and
professionally plus PRC accredited.

It strives also to provide a personalized approach that is tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the tools and support you need to advance your career, improve your life skills, and
achieve your personal goals. Co-lead organizer MSD is a trimedia association recognized as a civil society organization by the city council with the aim of supporting the development of local sports.

Pigeon Lobien/ABN

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