I guess all Business is not doing well this Rainy Season, some experts said it has its ups and downs. Adding something to make your Business on the trend is not new as a strategic style but when you make it online then that’s the time when you can say you are now on the 20th Century where all is on high technology and everything you wanted is online including selling of Vegetables and Fruits, can you imagine that?

Now you can do your Shopping, Groceries, Home Services and Market on the Market Online. That will be so amazing! But knowing how slow our Internet in the Philippines that might work on some particular places but not all.

And now that I’ve heard that Online Business are becoming slow as well this Season because there are so many of them already does not deny the truth that it is now the new trend of Business Worldwide. Guess all you have to do is change and add on.

However, I have come to the conclusion that we will have a big dilemma on the Health side of this matter. According to the study and research of National Nutrition Council that Cordillera is struggling on the High Level of Population on Obese People this 2019 and the past years.

We are now on obese genic Environment where people are lazy and dependent on their gadgets and hopeful that will make things easier for them. I cannot blame anybody; someday you will just notice that every transaction will be on social media.

Even meetings and Seminars, I have seen also that even a preaching on Sunday Morning Service is now done on a Computer and everyone was just seating there watching and listening. So it is clear that someday we will come to that, maybe not now but in the near future.

On some aspect it has its own advantage and disadvantage. We just have to be very careful for in order for us to be wealthy we first need to be healthy to enjoy what we have worked so hard for. In the Bible (KJV) This is yours truly, Tita Ara Katter of 98.7 ZRADIO ON AIR every Monday to Sunday 5AM – 6AM and Sunday 4PM – 6PM that always reminds you “Ti P a n a g k a y k a y s a , Mangiwanwan iti Naranyag nga Pagsayaatan.” This is still iKit ng Bayan.

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