Trike Driver Gunned Down In Abra


 A tricycle driver was gunned down, assassination style, in Peñarrubia town in Abra Monday evening still baffling policemen.

Felipe Ablog Belena Jr., 39, from Barangay Malamsit, Peñarrubia, was reportedly heading home aboard his tricycle with his mother Nancy Ablog Belena, and his daughter Krysha Ever Belena when gunshots rang out.

According to policemen, the mother of the victim heard two gunshots and suddenly, the tricycle they were riding rammed into a stonewall along the road.

She then saw her bloodied son fall on the pavement.

Belena was rushed to the Abra Provincial Hospital (APH) in Bangued, Abra but was declared dead on arrival.

The victim was found to have sustained a gunshot wound on his head and his abdomen from a still unknown gun.

Artemio A. Dumlao