Value of time should also be taught in school

Time is precious and priceless for everyone; time is more precious than money as money spent can be earned again but time spent can never be earned back. It is one of the most valuable things on this earth; nothing can be compared with it. Once it goes, it never comes back. We never acquire lost time again. If we have lost our time, we have lost everything.
However, at this point, it is sad to say that the value of time which is the one of the most important things in life is not emphasized in school. The value of time and time-management skills is perhaps among the most useful in the real world. We really seem to expect that pupils will figure this out in their own, but we should intensify the teaching of time and time management.
Aside from instructing pupils on the value of time, we should model to them the real worth of time, as real educator, we should model the importance of time in coming to school early, submitting reports in time, using time in meaningful ways and useful works. We should do the scheduled and highest priorities first, which our utmost priority for existence is to teach and mold pupils to be better persons, not to waste our time in useless things and lazy activities.
In addition, the value of time should also be taught to parents. They spend enough time to satisfy all family members. Children learn to bring balance to their lives when they see their parents setting aside time for what they value.
Life is too short, let’s use our time wisely; life is more fulfilling and happy if we use our time to make lasting contributions to our families, work place, and communities where we live. CAROLYN C. DECOY, Lagan Elementary School, Sabangan, Mt. Province

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