Yap! You gotta have it

Yesterday, if we are to leave from yesterday then how can we move on from today? Do you want to be left behind? No new Learning, No Development and No Opportunity? Every Parents wish is a better life for their Children.

Each and every single one hope for an easy way to success but not everything is easy. That’s the bitter sweet reality we gotta face. But atleast there’s a way, Yap! there’s a chance if we are only open to change. Change begins on us some say but if there is no push and no one will try as a sample then no one will follow. So better to start now before it’s too late. As a saying goes “Better late than Never!” and it’s “Now or Never!”

Action, Life is like an action Movie. There are Antagonist and Protagonist. Some people will try to pull you down on your pedestal because of whatever reason they have but mostly it is because of Jealousy. So when enemies tend to destroy your image making false accusations that is because you are getting ahead of them and now you are a threat to their wishful position.

But revenge is never an option. The Bible said in Romans Vengeance is mine. I will repay said the Lord. So continue doing your good deed because that’s who you are.

However, reaching ones goal for the betterment of mankind should be contagious. It is done by the heart and strategically by mind. That is a genuine Public Servant.

Proven Action Yesterday will be remembered everyday. And that will surely be a passport for every individual to be tattooed on one persons mind and the others. Doing it not because you are ought too but because you are that person who loves to help others. Do it not for Fame, Power and Money but rather do it because that is who you are. Yap! Pay time for your good doings will be return eventually no Biggy.

No hate People, Just Love. This is yours truly, IKit Ng Bayan of 98.7 ZRadio.

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